Did you enjoy Japan?

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At which shrine or temple were you much impressed ?
Have you been satisfied on the view got at the stage of the Kiyomizudera?

What’s about Namba Osaka?
We’ve understood you were mixed together with million people there in the Namba.
Hope you’ll enjoy Tokyo again and return to
Jakarta in safe.


Enjoy Higashiyama ;
Visiting Higashiyama;

  1. Dear Guesthouse Higashiyama,

    We love Kyoto and your house very much! Had the greatest time during our brief stay in your city.

    Cannot really decide which place we like the most, because we loved them all. Loved seeing real geishas for the first time in Gion district. Also enjoyed the zen garden in Ginkakuji temple. But you are right, The view from the top of Kiyomizudera was simply stunning! And of course I had to take a drink in the 3 fountains near the exit. We also adored the cute shops along Philospoher’s Path.

    We also enjoyed our day trip to Osaka. Got the chance to try some of the famous foods. And of course Tokyo was beautiful too with all the lights and highrise buildings. Every city has its own unique characteristic. We will definitely go back again to your beautiful country! And stay with you again in Kyoto ^_^

    Thank you once again for your kindness during our stay.

    • Elaine
    • 2013年 5月 25日

    Dear Guesthouse Higashiyama,


    Thank you for providing us with the loveliest house and the most attentive service. I love everything about outlr stay in Kyoto and coming back to the house is particularly nice after a whole day of sightseeing.

    I love the tatami room and the fluffy futons. I slept so well it’s hard to wake up in the morning. I also love the bathroom. I’ve been to japan many times and this is the first time i’ve ever experienced a proper japanese bath–traditional but equipped with super hi-tech system. I also like the kitchen. Thank you for being thoughtful with the UCC coffee and green tea and of course the cheesecake surprise.

    We love kyoto for the serene environment and amazing artisanal culture. Wish we didn’t have to go home so soon. Again, thank you so much for the warm hospitality.

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