Guest house of like a Japanese traditional townhouse
Traditional Japanese home style GuestHouse
GuestHouse Higashiyama GuestHouse Higashiyama
The house is just for you. Relax with your family or friends at Traditional Japanese home style inn.
30-22 Minamihiyoshi-cho, Imagumano Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO
Tel: +81 075-551-3098
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Kyoto_Inn_Higashiyama 2person 8,500円~

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<Brewster Kareidoscope Convention 2017 in Kyoto> Kyoto。at 5/25(Tue)~28(Sun): on Kyoto Horikawa Oike Gyallaliy。 2017.05
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 Kyoto Prefecture Agency open. Oct.24th to Nov.8th. They open the office in public.It is the oldest government office which has kept the original set-up,and is the national important cultural asset. (Oct 23rd)

  Kitanotenmanguh maple trees garden "the Odoi" is open on Oct.25th to Dec.6th. for the peopl. It has been appointed as the the historical site there. They have 250 pcs of the maple trees with the 350 to 400years old.(Oct.23rd)

  Public opening of the Imperial Palace. Oct.30th to Nov.3rd, You can get in the inside of the Palace with no special permission. The Emperors have lived from 13th century to end of 19th century. (Oct 16th)


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